Friday, March 02, 2012

Robot M3

M3 likes to be a snuggle robot.

Every once in a while the older two pretend to be robots.  M3 got into it too, but her robot always hugs.  For a while, several months ago, she'd be a robot if we asked or if the others were pretending.

Now she just comes up with it out of the blue. I was shoveling a few days ago and suddenly a robot came out of the garage to snuggle me.

During the video she is saying "robot, robot" for her first attack and "snuggle, snuggle" for her second attack.


Carly said...

Oh goodness M3 is too cute!! Miss you guys! (and I love that to post this, I have to type the "words" below to prove I'm not a robot!)

Jo said...

I agree, this is adorable. Her hair is getting longer!