Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is just around the corner!

We had a very mild winter, but we are still all ready for Spring!  Last week was Spring Break at the university.  This just means that Papa doesn't teach class, but he still had lots of work to get done.  M.G. had a day off on Friday and so we did take small advantage of the students being gone and headed to MN for a night.

The weather was beautiful!  We went to the zoo and enjoyed the sunshine.  We also found a way to fit M.G.'s birthday bike into the trunk.  We knew she'd need it this week with the warmer weather.

Sunday the kids spent a few hours outside in a biking frenzy.  Both M.G. and M2 are looking speedy on their new bikes.  M3 can't quite work the pedals on the trike, but she really wants to keep up with the older two - we'll have to practice this summer.  We installed the bike bells they all got from Santa, too!

The weekend before we moved M3 into M.G.'s room!  We'd held off because we have such a large room.  Her crib wasn't taking up useful space in our room.  But I'd really like to encourage her to sleep through the night and that is impossible when she's staring screaming right at me.

The crib really takes up more room than I realized, but M.G. was excited about the idea of sharing.  I think down the road we'll put a bunk bed in there, just to gain back some of the floor, but so far M.G. hasn't complained about the crib being in her room.

M3 seems to be sleeping just as well, if not a little better.  Most nights they fall right asleep.  M.G. reads in our room for a while, instead of her own, and then quietly jumps into bed.  A couple nights we have heard them whispering a bit.  It's so sweet to hear them chattering and then falling asleep!  I worried they'd wind each other up.

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