Wednesday, April 04, 2012

First grade concert!

Last night M.G. had her first grade music concert.  There are 6 first grade classrooms in her school and they all performed together.  This photo shows about half the stage.  Just right of center, M.G. is wearing a white dress with pink straps and belt and she has a big white flower clip in her hair.

She had been very excited about the concert and often came home with an update on how they were preparing in music class.

A couple weeks ago, she came home with news that only 6 kids from her classroom would be picked to play instruments.  The teacher would be paying attention to everyone's behavior so that she could pick the kids who would do the best job listening to directions.

Last Friday she came home bubbling because she was picked to play the drum for one song!  I know she takes paying attention in class very seriously, so I'm glad this worked out for her.

As we got closer, every day she'd figure out how many days were remaining.  Tuesday morning she set out her concert outfit and made sure we knew when and where we needed to be.  The concert was held in the performing arts center at the university.  Tuesday they rehearsed in the concert space (and got to ride the bus to get there!)

The music teacher picked songs that focused on different skills the kids were learning and it was so much fun to hear their proud voices.  The whole concert went really well.

This first video is for the song "Shoo Fly."  M.G. is standing just to the right of the teacher, 3rd drum from the right.  The drums play when the words "shoo fly" are sung.

This video is from "Itsy Bitsy Spider."  The younger kids really enjoyed the concert too.  M3 could not get enough and clapped her heart out after every song.
I've also been impressed with the work that M.G. has been bringing home from art class.  They talk about a variety of artists and techniques.  She brings up terminology in describing her work that surprises me.

Here is a self-portrait that they worked on for several weeks.  It's hanging on the fridge right now, and as much as I love it, it kind of startles me when I walk by!

This jungle painting was displayed in a city building with the rest of her class' work.

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David said...

I'm so glad you have video!! That's so great!! Man, I remember school concerts...that awkward pause when the unexpectedly short song ends before the parents start clapping wildly. It's so fun to watch Catie and Joe watching their sister!! Thanks for posting!