Sunday, April 22, 2012

One more monkey will be jumping on the bed!

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend working on the yard.  The kids enjoy digging for worms in the garden and occasionally helping here and there.  M2 takes great pride in helping Papa pull weeds, move rocks out of a new garden area, and doing other little tasks.

M3 is doing a great job in her new room.  I cut out any nighttime nursing a few weeks ago and in the last week she stayed in her own crib from bedtime until 5 or 6 AM every night, instead of coming in with us.  She is excited to be in the big girl room!

M.G. has just 25 days of school left this year!  She has enjoyed the year and has grown so much.  She's already curious about what she'll be doing as a 2nd grader.

M2 is still on the waiting list for the preschool where M.G. attended.  A couple weeks ago I signed him up in the last available space at a different preschool in town.  Several of our friends use that school and I was impressed during our visit.  He's looking forward to that adventure!

We're working on our summer plans - between the park and rec programs, family travels, and other fun it looks like we'll have a full summer!  Along with school starting in the fall, we have other exciting news for late September (or early October.)  A forth little one is on the way and we are looking forward to meeting him or her.
This ultrasound is from over a month ago, when I was closer to 11 weeks along.  The baby would not stop moving and wiggling.  I can hardly imagine how delicate those arms and legs are, but they were dancing like crazy.  A few times the baby stretched its back and neck straight too.  In the last week I've been feeling the baby with more frequency and strength. 

So far we have divided guesses.  M2 and I think #4 is a boy, Papa and M.G. think we'll have another girl.  M3 just likes to shout "Baby!"


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Congratulations! What exciting news!

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Oh exciting! Congratulations!! As the oldest of 4 kids myself, I can attest to the fact that families of 6 are awesome. :)