Monday, May 21, 2012


Getting ready for a picnic a few weeks ago.
I've mentioned that M2 and M3 are having so much fun lately.  This morning I was doing a little cleaning and realized that they had played for 90 minutes with minimal input from me.  I helped out a few times, but not for any major reason.

They are at good ages for playing together.  M3 is old enough to participate in what M2 is doing, but not old enough to want to do things her own way, for the most part.  (Of course there are limits to that and she is starting to really show her opinions at times.)  They ran around to music, played with the ball popper, and then they packed bags to go camping. 

It was adorable to watch M2 help M3 get her bag onto her shoulders so that they could set off with their dolls in strollers.  They even did well sharing this morning, which doesn't always happen.  M3 was quick to say "ank ou oe." (Thank you Joe) when he gave her two of the four cars he had packed for their camping trip. 

He has also been volunteering to help her get her shoes on when we go outside.  She is always so proud to show me her feet and loves the attention from him.


After lunch M2 was playing with a turtle he has that expands in water.  He and Papa had submerged it last week and had been measuring about once a day as it grew. Today they decided it had reached its maximum size and took it out of the water.  It is kind of floppy and gooey now.  It's been around for a couple years, so some of its limbs are just barely hanging on.

M2 and M3 were giggling loudly as M2 had the turtle jump out from behind the counter to scare M3.  After a bit I heard M2 shout for help because M3 had torn off two of the flippers.

M2 was a little sad, but not angry.  He had let M3 hold the turtle, the flippers were barely attached, and she ripped them off before he could stop her.  I commiserated with him, but also reminded him that he wasn't supposed to give M3 things that were easy to destroy. 

As I got M3 ready for nap I told her that ripping the turtle had made us all sad.  Surprisingly, she changed her tone and somberly said, "Mama sad, Joe sad, turtle sad, Catie sad."  She's been a little gleeful about kicking and throwing things lately.  With just a little prompting, she apologized to M2.  M2 gave her a pat, said it was ok, and then told me that he knew M3 didn't mean to ruin it.   He also thought maybe the turtle could still swim with just his back flippers.
I really wish all of there interactions could go as well as that did.  Now they are both sleeping and I have a really pathetic looking turtle on my counter.

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