Friday, May 04, 2012

Dance Recital

Last Saturday M.G. had a 3 hour practice for her dance recital.  Then on Sunday afternoon we all went to watch her recital.
Waiting to go to rehearsal.

Ready for the recital!
The whole performance was based on Horton Hears a Who.  A narrator read the story and dance numbers were inserted along the way. They had actors for a few of the rolls, including Horton. This recital was for the preschool - 5th grade students.  The youngest classes just performed one number with the help of the teachers.  The oldest class had tap, ballet, and modern dance routines without any guidance.  The stage decor was left over from the college's performance of Cinderella.

M.G.'s class were tap dancing monkeys in their first number.

And they also danced in a ballet about the sunshine.
The kids did very well in front of a packed house.  M.G. was very proud of their work.  We went out for ice cream cones at DQ afterward and she saw several other dancers there.  So she thought it was pretty special that they were all getting treats.

Papa has been getting the garden started as he finds time.  The kids love helping and asking lots of questions about everything.

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