Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2012

We had a chance to spend Mother's Day weekend in Minnesota this year and see both Grandma B and Grandma M on Sunday!

We had driven over so that M.G. and I could drive down to Iowa on Saturday with my mom for my cousin's bridal shower.  M.G. will be the flower girl at the wedding and was excited that she was invited to the shower too.  She was a little disappointed that the shower was basically older people sitting around and talking, but she had fun with the games.  She and I worked together and ended up winning a game where the prize was a bouquet of 26 candy bars, exciting!  I'm glad the church we were in had a little toy room she could use while I helped Grandma B set up before the shower and clean up after.  (And it was really fun to get to do little set-up things without chasing the younger two.)

It was fun to spend a day with just M.G.  She is such a great car traveler.  A couple times during the shower she piped up with something to say to the ladies near us.   After spending a few minutes doing something with her little favor cup of M&Ms she said, "4 of 5 times I pulled a blue!"  (They had a probability game in school last week.)  After eating a few she said, "Now I'm certain to get orange!"  My favorite moment was after we finished the candy bar matching game and the guess the number of Skittles game.  We were starting bridal bingo and M.G. shouted, "Finally, a game of chance!"

M2, M3, and Papa spent Saturday hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa M.  They had so much fun and I heard little bits of information from each of them.  M3 shouted, "PIZZA!", when I asked what she had for lunch.  Joe spilled the beans that they had been to the grocery store and decorated two mini-cakes for Mother's Day.

We are ready for summer vacation here!  M.G. will miss school after about a week, I think.  She is looking so much older and is very excited that she'll soon be a 2nd grader.  Her biggest complaint about 1st grade was that so much of it was easy.  She did learn a lot and enjoyed the year, but was very excited yesterday to come home with "real homework, like 2nd graders get."  She has to do some research on the King Vulture and put together a small poster to share with the class in preparation for their trip to the zoo next week. 
She has a subscription to Which Way USA and loves working through each state's puzzles.

M2 and I have been playing Sorry! after his nap every day lately. He thinks it so funny to bump my pieces back to start and his sense of humor shows when he giggles at little jokes we make during the game.  He is still showing some early signs of reading, but he doesn't seem to be in a big rush to figure it out.  He's been interested in numbers and adding lately.

He and M3 are little pair these days.  I love to see how well they play together and adventure around during the day.  (Until it stops and I need to rush in and moderate.) 

M2 is a wild biking guy.  (M3 is waiting to see what the next plan will be.)

M3 has suddenly gotten much older looking!  She's almost 2 and suddenly seems much less like a toddler. She is obsessed with blowing bubbles and wants to do that every time we are outside.  Last night she was blowing bubbles for the older two to chase and just so in charge of the group.  She'd stamp her little foot and say, "back up, back up," when they got too close.  Then she'd wait for them to yell, "3,2,1, bubbles!"  She'd hold up the wand, pausing to look at them first for a bit of drama every time.  Then she'd giggle as they ran all around her chasing the bubbles.

Bubbles, bubbles!

M3 has been demanding pony tails lately!

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