Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ready for the suburbs.

Papa was mowing the lawn in the late afternoon today while the kids and I played on the driveway.  Our neighbor also was mowing.  M2 pulled the toy mower out of the garage and started walking up and down the front yard in lines.  (Papa was in the back by this point.) 

I watched him a bit and he pushed the mower extra far to "trim" the area of new grass we're trying to grow without stepping on it - just like Papa does.

At one point he stopped, brushed his hands off, and started walking toward me.  "I just need to slip in and use the potty.  I'll finish when I get back."

He got back to work and continued his straight lines.  A different neighbor pulled out of his garage and M2 paused to wave, once to the man and then once to his wife when the car turned around in the street.

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