Friday, May 18, 2012

U is for Uniform Day

M.G.'s class is counting down the last 26 days of school by having a different activity each day.  (They brought in a stuffed animal for A, had gum for G, a math day on M, etc.)  When she brought home the list we were all amazed that there were just 26 days of school left, but that is 5 weeks of school!  5 weeks is a long time to be gearing up for the end. 

Today we hit uniform day.  They could wear any type of uniform to school.  After much thought, M.G. decided to be an astronaut.  This morning the kids all had a lot of fun getting ready to go to their jobs.  
Home Depot employee, astronaut, doctor
M.G. told us that M3 was very excited to get started helping people fix up their houses.  At first I worried this would be the future for child #3 after we helped an astronaut and doctor get through school.  But, then Papa pointed out that she was probably pretending to be an Olympic athlete with a part time job.

(Oh, no!  When we visited the Olympic training grounds in CO a few years ago we heard all about how great that company was for providing Olympians with jobs while they trained.  But I was just looking for a link and they discontinued the program several years ago.)

M.G. was excited to blast off to her school space station on her personal rocket.

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