Thursday, June 28, 2012

And there goes June!

We've had a busy month of travels and fun.  We had the trip to Minnesota at the start of the month, then we went on a road trip to California, and last weekend we tried tent camping for the first time as a family.  I can't wait to share pictures and stories, but have been looking for that window of time to put a post together and suddenly it is bedtime.

This week M.G. and M2 started summer lessons.  M.G. has three weeks of tennis in the morning and they are both taking swimming lessons in the afternoons.  This is M.G.'s third summer with this tennis class and I've seen some real improvement this summer - she's hitting a lot more of the balls and is more in the middle of the pack for the warm-ups and games.  She enjoys it a lot.  One of her teachers is a friend of my cousin and M.G. seems to enjoy that she "knows" one of the teachers.

They both were very excited for the start of swimming lessons.  Red Cross here does a 6 level set of classes.  M.G. is now in level 3 and M2 is starting off in level 1 this summer.  M2 is so excited that he gets to take the classes where the parents sit and watch instead of being in the water with the kids.  He was a little nervous at first, but got into the water when he was supposed to.  The classes take it pretty slow and easy, so there isn't much pressure on the kids.  During the class he has such a grin on his face. 

At first I wondered if he'd move through this class on the first try.  M.G. was apprehensive and resisted floating.  She passed on her 2nd try at the class.  I was thinking that M2 was throwing himself into it with such excitement that he might get it faster.  But, watching him yesterday it looks like he isn't a better swimmer, just less frightened.  His teacher was helping him float on his tummy and asked him to blow bubbles in the water.  M2 put his face in the water and came up sputtering (and still smiling).  Yesterday they got to swim with pool noodles to help them float and he thought that was awesome.

I like the small class sizes - they have 5 or 6 classes going in the indoor high school pool at the same time.  There are 3 kids with M2's teacher and in M.G.'s class there are about 6 kids and 2 teachers.  Level 3 seems like a big jump from level 2.  They've been working on swimming across the pool (with the teacher shadowing them to give them help along the way and yesterday they tried diving from the side into the deep end for the whole class.  M.G. has a lot of progress to make for this level, but she is giving it her all.  All of her class struggled with diving in the correct position  - most of them could get into position, but then would belly flop.  I was impressed that M.G. can now get back to the side of the pool in the deep end.

We've pushed bedtime back a bit during the summer, which is nice for the kids, but leaves little time at night for working and other things like that.  M.G. and I are reading The Mysterious Benedict Society together before she goes to bed and during nap time.  I think it would be above her level to read on her own and I finally found something she'll let me read to her.  It's engaging and we have trouble stopping at bedtime!

We have two more weeks of lessons keeping us close to home and then hope to get to Minnesota a couple more times before school starts at the end of August.

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