Tuesday, June 19, 2012

M3 at 2

M3 had her well baby visit today.  She is 34 inches tall now and 23 pounds.  The doctor was a little concerned about her slow weight gain and that she has continued to drop down to lower weight curves.  Her height has continued to follow a more regular trend.  He suggested we offer more whole milk and bring her back in 6 months to check her weight.  I'm not too concerned, M.G. and M2 also dropped low on the growth chart for a while as toddlers, but I'll pay attention to the foods we are offing her.

She is meeting all the developmental milestones like throwing a ball and walking up stairs.  The doctor wondered how many words she had - At least 20?  At least 50?  We settled on at least 100.  She talks so much and so well that I'm not sure how to even gauge it.  Such a difference from when M.G. was 2 and we could easily count the words she'd say. 

M3 was scared of the doctor today and cried a little, but sat still and cooperated during the whole visit.  She can be a tough little cookie at times.  She had her chicken pox vaccine and a Hib booster.  She cried a lot while the nurses were preparing the shots, but then stopped the moment the shots went in.

At 2, M3 is such a wild sweetheart.  She says please, thank you, and sorry at all the appropriate times and at random times she'll throw her arms around me and say, "Love you Mama!"  She loves going fast down the slide, jumping around on my bed, and screeching.  She likes to sing along with the radio and helps me with M2's bedtime songs.  She also has to throw her 2 cents into conversations and will argue her opinion to the ground.  She works the system - acting wounded to the core if she wants a toy that one of the others has to look like the victim, saying "please Mama" a few times if I say no to be sure I really want to stick to my guns. 

She still likes tiny toys she can fiddle with and blowing bubbles.  She likes looking at books - board books or pretending to read M.G.'s chapter books.  She has started trying to draw and color a little more.

She's been very interested in her grandparents lately - wanting to talk on the phone and visit, having lots to say when we see them.  We just got back from our 8 day road trip and at the end of the 2nd day she said, "Now we go to Grandpa's house?"

She and M2 are still big buddies.  At a restaurant last week he spooned some of his mac 'n cheese onto her plate without anyone suggesting it.  She automatically said, "Ank ou oe."  He responded, "Your welcome Catie."  She loves to see what M.G. is doing and thinks it is so great when M.G. reads to her.  She also thinks it is awesome that she gets to sleep in the big girl room now.

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