Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping weekend!

The last weekend in June we attended the Becoming an Outdoor Family program hosted by the state's Game, Fish, and Parks department.  It was our first weekend of tent camping with the kids and it went really well.

We arrived on Friday night and after getting our tent set up we went to the opening party.  We learned a little about constellations, played an ice breaker game, and got to see the moon through a telescope.

That night it thunderstormed fror several hours.  I was worried, but our tent stayed dry!  The weather was beautiful by morning and the rest of the weekend we had sunshine.

Saturday we attended a few classes during the day.  In the morning M.G. and I learned about outdoor photography while Papa, M2, and M3 tried GPS geocaching.  The photography class was interesting, but I think it was a little above our skill level.  The guys caught on to the geocaching right away and it would be a fun family activity to try again.

Friday night S'mores at our campground.
After lunch M3 and I tried unsuccessfully to take a nap in the really hot tent while Papa and the older kids went to fishing class.  It sounds like it was fun to try, but disappointing because the fish weren't biting. 

We met up for a walking tour of the campground and then all attended the Skins, Skulls, and Tracks class.  M.G. and M2 were excited to answer the teacher's questions and match animal skulls with their pelts. 

We had just enough time to swim in the lake that afternoon before joining the other families for a potluck.  One of the highlights of the weekend was going to the group campfire where we listened to songs and had s'mores. 

The kids slept pretty well in the tent.  M2 found it uncomfortable, but they enjoyed the adventure.  Papa, M3, and I shared our air matress.

Sunday morning was the Amazing Family Race.  The organizers set up several tasks and each family had to solve clues or complete challenges to get their next clue.  The first task was to solve a word scramble by answering questions about the weekend.  We were pretty much near the middle to back of the pack after that one.  The kids quickly helped match animals to the correct tracks at one stop and M.G. was super fast at digging a hidden math puzzle clue out of the sand of the volleyball court.  The last challenge was for one of the adults to catch a plastic fish with a fishing pole.  This was one of the activities from fishing camp (to practice casting) and so Papa knew he could do it.  He got it really fast and we ran to the finish line, all very surprised to see that we were the winners!  Papa and I always enjoyed watching The Amazing Race.  It's silly and fun to say we finally had our shot.

The planned activities were nice to give us a plan for our first weekend camping.  The campground was mostly aimed at RV users and boaters, so without the activities I think we would have struggled to find ways to fill our time.  The campground did have a playground we used a lot.  For our next camping trip we'll look for a place with more hiking trails and trees.

The following pictures were taken by the photographer that wandered around and captured the weekend. 

Learning to bait a hook.  M2 accidentally ate his (gummy) worm instead of practicing with it!

Identifying the animal in Skins, Skulls, and Tracks class.
Pretending to be wolves during a song at the campfire party.

Serious about solving our first clue.

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Kelly said...

This looks really fun! We have the same tent:) It was really good to see you guys last weekend, thanks again for everything:)