Friday, July 27, 2012

Catching up with July...

We managed to fit a lot of summer fun into July!  We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa M at the beginning of the month and then Grandma and Grandpa B were here to see how our town celebrates 4th of July.  We got a lot of candy at the parade, but were surprised at how short it was!  It was a super hot day, so we didn't do much outside, but the kids played in the sprinkler a little in the afternoon.  They managed to stay up late for fireworks too.

M.G. had tennis camp for half an hour, 4 days a week, for 3 weeks.  She and M2 both had 30 minute swimming lessons those afternoons.  They each are working on another 3 week session of swimming now.  It gave our days a nice structure - we did some playing outside, going to the library, and the childrens' museum.  They had time to relax and play at home too after a busy June.

Helping M3 with Uno
The garden has been great this summer.  We have so many fresh veggies to eat.  M.G. and M2 have both been helping out in the garden.  M2 always jumps at the chance to go help Papa at our larger rented plot.  He and M3 enjoy helping clean the veggies too. 
Learning to clean the greens...

One of my summer goals was to find us a piano.  M.G. is starting lessons in the fall and it was always something I hoped we'd get eventually.  We happened upon a great garage sale find and I'm surprised at how excited I am to get to play it occasionally.  Perhaps those years of piano lessons will come back to me.

M3 was lucky to get a belated birthday gift that had been hidden at the post office for over a month.  She and the other kids have been spending lots of time playing with new Squinkies, which she was very excited to get.

Last weekend we had a wonderful time at Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge for my cousin Kelly's wedding.  It was a beautiful place and we were happy to have a couple days to spend with family there.  Friday was hot and very humid, but Saturday's weather was beautiful.  My aunt left a huge gift basket for the kids with activity books and toys that kept them busy in our room.  She also gave them pool supplies and we were sure to make use of them on Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday night M.G. and M2 rehearsed their jobs as flower girl and ring bearer.  They had been very excited about being in the wedding.  Saturday morning, after we swam, M.G. had her hair styled at the on-site salon with the other ladies from the bridal party.  She felt like it was a very special thing to get to do!  After lunch I painted her nails so that she'd be extra fancy for her job as flower girl.

They did a great job during the ceremony and survived a few posed photos.  Then they were ready to kick up their heels at the reception.  By the end of the meal they were fading a little, but once the music started they were wild, wild dancers. 

The kids made a new friend - Jon's niece, Lucy.

The kids danced and danced.  Kelly and Jon rented a photo booth for the reception and the attendant put one copy of the photos into a guest book for everyone to sign.  I've never seen that before, but what a neat touch!

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