Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2nd Grader!

Today was M.G.'s first day of 2nd grade!  She was very excited and ready to go this morning.  This morning I walked by her bedroom and she and M3 were sitting up in their beds talking.  M.G. was telling M3 all about what happens at school and when she'd get home each day.

We dropped her off this morning and stuck around (after dropping her brand new epi-pens off with the nurse - her tree nut allergy was confirmed a few weeks ago) to watch her line up and march in with her class.  Such a buzz of excitement on the playground!

The younger two and I met up with some friends at a playground, which was a really great way for them to burn some energy.  They both were very excitd too.  M.G. had a short day and we picked her up again at 1 PM.

She had a lot to tell us right away about how things went.  After her first years of school she'd always be a zombie after the first few days.  But today she was full of energy and telling us all sorts of things.  They had gym this morning, an assembly, recess, and lunch.  It left just a little time for classroom work, but she has a high opinion of her teacher.  I asked and she said that her class is much better behaved this year.  I think her class last year was very challenging for the teacher, so I hope this continues and makes for a more productive room this year.
The college student who is leading M2's small group at the preschool came by this afternoon for the home visit.  He was so very excited to meet her and hear more about school.  She seems nice and it sounds like it will be a good semester for him.  We had so many concerns when M.G. went off to preschool, partially because of her personality and partially because we hadn't been through it before.  For him, our biggest concern is how they will handle his peanut allergy.  I will speak more with the head teacher and hopefully feel more confident before school starts next week.

I think tomorrow will be a long day for everyone as M.G. has her first full day and the younger two will realize that things will be a little different with M.G. at school. 

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