Wednesday, August 01, 2012

They are all working the system.

This morning M2 came to wake us up and agreed to snuggle a bit before getting up for the day.  After a few minutes he was ready to get up for the day.  On most days Papa gets up with him, gets breakfast started, and gets ready for work.  Before they could get out of bed, M2 said, "Wait, today is Mama's birthday, so she gets to get up with me!"  (I did not take him up on this offer...)

I bought a copy of the discipline book "1,2,3 Magic..." at a garage sale a few months ago.  It was only a quarter and the title has come up often enough over the years that I was curious about it.  For the last two days M.G. has been bringing it back to her room to read it.  Not sure what to think about that... she'll learn all the tricks before we do!

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Monkey Papa said...

I can deal with the disappointment if you decide to take him up on that "offer."