Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wrapping up summer vacation

We're wrapping up summer vacation here.  M.G. goes back to school in just over a week and M2 starts preschool in about two weeks.  The kids are ready, excited, and a little nervous.  I had a few "end of summer" activities in mind for this week, but so far they have been coming up with a lot of good ideas on their own.  I guess instead of trying to create a super fun last week of vacation, I'm just staying out of their way and trying to give them as much flexibility to do what they want when it sounds good.

Yesterday they created a store filled with small plastic toys and books they no longer wanted.  Then they used toy money to buy things they wanted from each other.  Trying to throw out unwanted toys usually results in something like this - where everything just changes owners.  Today they built a really big fort in the living room all on their own.  We've been enjoying the nice weather too, with lots of time outside.  Occasionally the kids took breaks in playing to help me shell soup beans. 

I hadn't been very concerned about M2 starting preschool, especially compared to how unsure we were when M.G. was this age.  It's less than 3 hours a day, 4 days a week and he is such a social guy that I think he'll have a lot of fun.  But just recently I've started to have little worries about how it will go for him.  Hopefully he'll make some good friends and have a good experience.  He occasionally tells us he is nervous about not knowing anyone.  I did point out that school is during his normal nap time, so he won't be missing out on anything at home, and he thought that was very funny.

A couple weeks ago we finally picked out a mini-van!  We had to take it out for a spin so that the kids could try it out.  They love the space - even with all 3 in a row there is still room in between the seats!  I think when the baby arrives we'll put two in each row and they'll have room to spare!  I'll enjoy driving it, once I get used to the size, but it will take me a while to stop feeling for the clutch!

M2 continues to really enjoy going to help at the rented garden.  It sounds like he is a good helper with harvesting and weeding and that he likes chasing the grasshoppers and frogs that live out there.  I love how excited he is to show all the produce they bring home.  Saturday we got to try the first watermelon.  The kids were jumping in excitement!  It really did taste great.

The kids like to talk to the baby and feel it moving.  They ask a lot of questions about how it is doing in there.  They came along for the ultrasound last week and it was nice to give them a chance to see what was going on - although M2 kept saying things like, "I see the ear!" when it was the heart or whatever.

I reminded M2 that when M3 was in my tummy he used to be very upset that she was naked in there.  He wanted her to be born so that we could give her jammies.  M3 thinks it is a really funny idea and has been coming up to me to laugh and say, "New baby naked!"

She's a little ham and is always giving silly looks to get a laugh.   Normally at bedtime she nurses for a few minutes.  Last night she pretended to latch on to my nose and then laughed and laughed at herself.  Then she asked for cow milk in a red cup.  As she sat on my lap she turned to me after every sip with a sly little look on her face and a comment like, "This milk nice, cold, not warm Mama milk."  Or, "Look this nice red cup I using!"  Or, "This *cow* milk, not Mama milk, *cow* milk."  She thought she was being such a funny girl.  She finished up and was ready for bed, so she might be transitioning herself - we'll see how it goes!

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