Monday, September 10, 2012

As we start our first full week of school

We're starting to get used to the new routine here.  I keep finding myself saying over and over, "How did they get so big?!?"

M3 is a funny, talkative, wild child.  She runs and moves with a lot more authority than she did even a month ago, full tilt. She wants to do what the big kids do, even if it just means trotting quite a bit behind them.  At meals she'll be too busy recounting her day, or a day that happened weeks ago, to eat much.  Then when everyone else is done and has left the table she'll get down to her own meal.  She just has to be in on whatever everyone else is doing and then she has to tell the rest of us about it. 
 M.G. is blossoming as a 2nd grader. We've noticed such a difference in how much she talks about her day.  She seems so interested and excited in school and all of the extra curricular activities she wants to do.  I'm sure she'd sign up for even more if we let her.  She has two nights of dance each week and started piano lessons last week.  I'm excited to see how she likes piano - she couldn't wait to tell us about what she learned at her first lesson.  She is chomping at the bit to just learn as much as she can, so this is a totally new area for her to explore.  This week her religious ed class starts on Wednesday nights and she wants to join the youth choir at church, which meets after school on Wednesdays.   

 M2 is at his second day of school right now.  Papa came home from work to give him a ride on the tag-along bike.  Again today he was too excited to eat much lunch and was ready to go so early!  I think the bike ride will be a good use for all of that energy.  It was so sweet to see them pedaling off together. 

I joined a moms' group at church this year and M2 and M3 will go to a babysitting room while the group meets.  I tried this when M2 was a toddler and he wouldn't stand for it.  Now they are both so excited to go and play.  Neither cares when I leave and today they were both sad when I came to pick them up at the end.  At drop off M2 told me sweetly that he'd keep an eye on M3 while I was in the other room.  When I picked them up M3 said, "You already done in your room?"

Baby at 36 weeks, squash at 12 weeks
I'm about 37.5 weeks along in this pregnancy.  I am having trouble believing that the due date is so close now.  I failed the 3 hour blood glucose test at the beginning of July and had to meet with a diabetic counselor and a nutritionist.  I'm currently checking my blood sugar 4 times a day and sticking to a diet plan that balances my carbs over the day.

At first I was really worried about what all that would mean and how it would change this later part of the pregnancy.  The diet has been very good for me.  I've gained much less weight than I typically do during pregnancy and notice that I'm much more comfortable for being at this late stage.  So far my blood sugar numbers are looking great, so I don't think I'll have to worry about being given insulin or needing an induction.  All of the garden veggies have been making it easy to stick to my carb limits.

The baby dropped quite a bit lower over the weekend.  After feeling a little bottom in one spot for months it is a little strange for it to be in a different area.  And all of the baby kicks are coming in about 6 inches lower than they had been!

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