Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back to school time

Things have been moving smoothly here since school started.  In the past, M.G. was a zombie after school for at least a week or two.  Last week she came home each day energized and excited to share what she had been doing.  We had gotten used to her not sharing a whole lot about her day and usually only answers to specific questions, but last week she kept volunteering all sorts of things.  We'll see how she feels today after the long weekend, but so far she hasn't seemed as overwhelmed as she did at the start of the other school years.

It sounds like she is getting along very well with her teacher.  She's already told us that her teacher has them working on "May I.." vs "Can I..." and that since M.G. had finished some work she got to find a way to get all the tissue boxes into the cabinet.  "I really like to organize, so it was a great job for me!"  She had to bring in a favorite chocolate recipe this week.  They are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then watching the movie on Friday.  She picked my chocolate pie recipe that is also Grandma B's and was my Grandma's too.  Tonight is the parent meeting and I look forward to hearing more about what they will be doing this year. 

She and Papa have been biking and two of our neighbor kids ride along with them.  They boy is a year older than M.G. and the girl was in M.G.'s classroom last year. I'm glad they have this chance to stay connected even though they are in different classrooms this year.  It sounds like all the classrooms of 2nd graders mingle during recess too.  On Friday Papa had a meeting that would have meant M.G. needing me to pick her up with the car.  But the other kids' mom offered to bike them home.  It was the first time M.G. was brought home by someone other than Papa or I!  It was fun to see her cruise around the corner, yell goodbye to her friend, and coast up to say hi to us - proud to be able to get home "on her own."

M2 and M3 have been doing well while M.G. is at school.  We spent a lot of time last week preserving veggies and playing outside.  Today M2 had his first gymnastics class of the semester and they tagged along to my OB visit.  (Everything is going well with the new baby.)  His preschool open house is tomorrow and his first day is Thursday!

The kids enjoy making the baby kick by pressing on my tummy.  They also love to sing to the baby, which gets the baby moving right away.  Often at bedtime they sing a lullaby for the baby.  It is so loud and crazy that I can feel the baby moving quite a lot - it feels like it is flailing its arms and legs.  Hopefully it isn't too scary!  Here the kids are singing.  About half way through they mixed up the words - we use this tune for a couple different bedtime songs.  They have baby version words and there are also words about fish getting ready for bed (and swimming in a pool). They didn't know Papa was filming them here - they are just this loud normally.

Last week the kids were feeling the baby move and suddenly M3 yelled, "I hear baby!"  I asked, "What did the baby say?"  She made kind of a "wsssshhhhhh" noise.  We realized she had heard Papa blowing his nose in the other room and thought it was the baby!

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