Saturday, September 22, 2012

Growing up

It was homecoming week at M.G.'s school and it is always funny to see how much they talk it up with the elementary school kids.  Thursday they had a pep fest and Friday the kids wore school colors.  M.G. came home on Thursday and made a poster with the school mascot and colors.

Friday night Papa took her to the football game for a while.  It sounds like she had a really good time.  The girl that bikes with them was there too and the two of them were down in front on their own while the parents sat farther back.  Papa said the cheerleaders seemed to be the most interesting part for them. 

She was kind of angry that they had to leave after the 3rd quarter (because it was getting pretty late), but she slept until 8:40 this morning, which might be a new record for her.  What a school girl!


This morning I was listening to M2 read a counting book to M3.  I suggested he show M3 how to count each set of objects.  After a couple pages he said, "She really doesn't need me to show her this.  She can already count really well."  She was so proud!  I love hearing those little moments when they are so nice to each other.

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