Thursday, September 06, 2012

M2's first day of preschool!

M2 was so very excited for school to finally start!  Yesterday we took him to the open house where he got to check out the classroom and playground, meet the teachers, and play with the toys for a while.  He had a blast!  This morning he couldn't stop telling me how excited he was and asking how much longer we had to wait.  He had trouble eating much for lunch and kept finding reasons to hop up from the table.  We were really early, even with some stalling from me, because he just wanted to get there.

He and M3 practiced doing school work this morning.  (M3 doesn't have a peanut allergy.  We bought the bracelets for M2 to wear for specific situations and they decided to wear them to "school" this morning.)

They both have seemed so much older this week!  They have fallen right back into their partnership now that M.G. is back in school.  Something about their current ages and temperaments - they can play very well together and are often on the same wavelength.  At breakfast this morning they were making goofy faces at each other and giggling like crazy.

M2 made sure his school photo was on the front porch so that it would be "right."  M3 was feeding off of his excitement.  They were both so happy.

He wanted one more crazy dance photo as we walked to the car.  M3 ran over and gave him a big hug!

Drop off went very well for him.  He only looked a little nervous as we walked away.  As soon as we got out of the building M3 started crying.  She was so sad and wanted us to go get M2 right then.  She cried all the way home.  I tried to cheer her up by saying, "Hey, now it is Catie and Mama and we can play!  Does that sound fun?"  She said, "Yes," but then started crying even harder.  Poor girl.  She did fall right asleep for her nap though, so we'll be picking up M2 before she knows it.


When I went in to grab M3 for pick-up she sat up and yelled, "JOE!"  She was very excited to go get him.  He had a great first day.  His two main teachers had lots of good things to say.  He was meteorologist and got to go outside to check the weather.  His teacher said that he ran back in saying, "Guys, wait, it's SUNNY and WINDY!"  I had been a little worried because most of his class were in the 3/4 year old classroom last year and seemed to be good friends already.  But, his teacher said he was the talk of his table and everyone wanted to play with their new friend Joe.  Sounds like he jumped right in and had a fun time.

He told us all about having snack and getting to pour his own juice, playing with a variety of things, painting, checking the weather, and riding a trike outside with one of his new friends.  He said it went fast!

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Monkey Papa said...

Hey, in that top left picture M3 looks just like you when you work!