Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maybe this will help the baby acclimate?

Tonight M2 and I tried an experiment with the baby.  He found a flashlight and tried holding it to different parts of my tummy.  The baby went wild.  Not just kicking, but big moves.  At first M2 just moved the light around and asked if I was feeling anything.  Then he tried it while holding his own hand on my tummy.  He was beside himself with excitement because the baby would kick more if the light was in certain spots.  Between giggles, M2 said, "Woah, it feels like a shark just passed by!"  and "There it goes again, just like a shark!"

M3 wanted to get in on the excitement so she ran for the toy camera and started shouting, "Say cheese New Baby!" while pretending to take photos of my tummy. 

After a while I thought we should let the baby have a rest.  The two of them joined M.G. in some wild dancing and when a peppy song came on the baby was kicking up a storm too.

At least the baby is getting an idea of what it is in for!

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