Friday, September 14, 2012

Notes from the week...

M2 had a great time at preschool this week.  By Thursday he was looking really tired at lunch time, but it sounds like he still did a great job at school.  I'm really hoping he'll nap today, since he doesn't have school.  Each night his teacher sent a short email about his day.  Things I learned: they read a few dinosaur books and M2 corrected her pronunciation of the dinosaurs, he was a good helper and swept one of the outdoor playhouses, he used scissors very well, and was talking with his teacher about how he'd travel into space when he was an adult.

When M.G. was in preschool she always needed improvement on her scissor skills.  That was totally my fault because I didn't realize she should be using scissors at that age.  I made sure M2 would hit that milestone!

It sounds like he and some of the other little boys love running and playing during the outside time.  Yesterday a couple of the little guys were pulling M2 around in a wagon for most of outdoor time.  

It's always difficult to get much information from him on his day, but occasionally he'll remember something fun they did and he's so excited to tell us about it.

Out of the blue this week M3 has occasionally started adding an echo to some things.

Papa:  M3, what do you want on your pancake?
M3: Chocolate Chip ip ip ip.  (With each "ip" getting softer.)

Me: Nice tatoo
M3: Phineus and Ferb erb erb erb

We've been talking with M3 about the potty for ages.  She hasn't been interested in trying it much, but she likes to hear about how she'll get big girl undies and keep them dry.  A few days ago she started demanding the undies right away, so earlier in the week I found the training undies and washed them up.  This morning she said, "Undies!"  So, we'll see.  Not really an ideal time, with the baby coming and all of our activities, but I'm guessing it will be something super interesting this weekend and then she'll want to wait a little longer. 

M.G. did really well with her first week with all of her various activities.  She and Papa are still biking to school each day with the neighbor kids.  One morning another 2nd grader joined up with them too.  On Wed. she got a ride home from dance with a classmate and I'll be picking them up on Mondays.  It's fun to see these out of school relationships develop a little and kind of a silly little milestone to see her hop out of that car and run up to the house that afternoon.

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