Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photos from the week

A couple weeks ago we introduced M.G. to Scrabble.  She seemed to get into it and asked to play again the next night.  She was aiming for all of the special scoring spots and trying to save her high point letters for those spots!  I think it gets a little frustrating for her at times, but I find Scrabble frustrating all of the time, which is why I offered to do the dishes so that they could play.

Mini-van perk!  (Papa is building a loft for M.G.)

M2 took a photo of me with a baby sweater I'm knitting.  That tummy is looking big! 

He also took a photo of M3.  She just thinks he is super awesome and so of course she gave him a big smile when he asked.
This morning she walked in as I finished painting my toenails.  She asked for pink nails too (and it was a really light pink), so I put her up on the counter.  It was her first nail polish and she giggled because it tickled.  After we dropped M2 off at gymnastics we went next door for coffee.  She wanted to sit and look at the books the shop had, so I drank my coffee and we read books together.  I had given up on relaxing in coffee shops about 7 years ago, but it was fun to chat with her this morning.  It's nice to have some little times like this where she seems to be moving from being the baby to a big girl.

M2 took a big tumble on his scooter on Sunday afternoon.  He told me he cried when it happened, but by the time he walked around the cul-de-sac to show Papa he had stopped.  He let me hold a cold cloth on it and didn't fuss at all.  I was also brave and resisted the urge to try to snuggle him.  Today it looks quite blue and puffy.  The bruises don't show up very well in this picture, but his whole eyelid and the top part of his cheek are blue/purple.

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