Thursday, October 25, 2012

First snow?!

It snowed in the night and the kids were very excited to look out the window this morning. Papa and M.G. found all the gear they needed before rushing off to school. M2 and M3 were ready to go out as soon as the sun was up a little more.

Tuesday morning M3 tripped and hurt her leg.  She hasn't been putting on weight on it at all and it has been a tough week for her.  We took her to the doctor yesterday.  The x-ray looked good, so we just have to wait until it feels better.

She sat in the snow for a while and then came in.  We watched M2 put on a snowy show for us!  Hopefully this is a random flurry and we can go back to fall for another month at least!
Matthew (M4?) was 3 weeks on Tuesday.  He's given a few little smiles for us and has gotten even more expressive with his little forehead.  He's been paying closer attention to the big kids!

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