Thursday, October 11, 2012

Matthew's hopsital stay

Matthew was a nice healthy guy and took to nursing right away. In the middle of that first night the nurse felt he was breathing very fast, which I had also noticed, and she took him to the nursery for observation.

They kept him in the nursery for most of Wednesday, but welcomed me to feed and hold him down there while he was hooked to a breathing and oxygen monitor.  We weren't too concerned because he just was so healthy in every other way.  But I did have a couple little moments where I was scared - M.G.'s 9 day NICU stay started with rapid breathing and I was really disheartened when I learned we wouldn't be going home Thursday morning like expected.

But this little guy didn't have the difficulty in breathing that M.G. had and his oxygen levels were good, he just was breathing in and out rapidly.  By Wednesday night he had slowed enough that they let him room-in again.  Over our stay in the hospital his breathing rate slowed quite a bit, but was, and is, still above normal.  Thursday he had a chest x-ray and blood work to look for infection.  It all came back looking normal and we learned that we might get to go home Friday morning.

All day Friday we waited too.  Matthew had one high temp reading on Thursday and the doctor asked for more blood work just to be safe.  He also wanted the nurses to keep an eye on Matthew throughout the day.  I had been officially discharged on Thursday, but the staff was great about making me feel comfortable and giving Matthew a room where I could also stay 24/7.  By late afternoon on Friday I was starting to feel a little antsy - I just wanted to know what the plan was.

The doctor decided to send us home around 6 PM on Friday with instructions to watch for any sign of fever.  Matthew was still breathing quickly, but they couldn't find anything else wrong.  It felt great to be able to pack up and get back to the family.

The kids all had a brief visit each day.  Wednesday is M.G.'s busy day, so Papa brought her over on her own after religious ed when the littler two were getting into bed.  It was such a special visit.  She had a few quiet moments on her own with her new brother and I was really glad to see her too.

Matthew on Friday, almost 3 days old

Ready for the ride home!
The kids made a "Welcome Home Matthew!" sign and we asked them to pose by it.  Are they welcoming him or "welcoming" him?  Looks like a pretty tough crew to be joining.

But they are all super excited to talk to him, sing to him, and see how he is doing.


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