Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 2nd week with Matthew at home

Matthew has been home now for over two weeks and there are times it seems like he's been here for ages.  We're starting to feel more adjusted, although I'm guessing it will be quite a while before Papa and I feel like we are running at full steam.  We've had meals delivered by the moms' group I'm in and that has been a big help. 

He still has kind of a serious look most of the time.  But M3 and I noticed that he perked up and seemed really interested in the Flogging Molly playing on Pandora a few nights ago. 

He's given a couple small smiles too.  He likes to look at faces and listen to us talk.

2 weeks old!
Look at all that hair!
The Moby carrier has been great - I can snuggle him in and make lunch for M2 and M3, I can go outside with them, and he is so cozy.

The kids continue to be so excited to have Matthew around.  They are all still getting used to the new situation, but any frustration is directed toward me or Papa, not the baby.

We tried to take a nice photo of the four of them last weekend and the outtakes were pretty funny.  Looks like they are not too sure of him in this one!

We can just barely still fit in the rocking chair.

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