Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween 2012

Carving Pumpkins

 M.G. and her classmates were given the opportunity to dress as mad scientists for school on Wednesday.  They visited all the 2nd grade classrooms to do wacky science experiments.

She wore her dress-up doctor coat, Papa's Periodic Table tie, and some goofy glasses.  She thought the mismatched socks were wacky too.  

I put her hair in rag curls the night before so that she'd have a fun hairstyle too.  I think with a little more practice we could get her curly hair for special occasions, but it was good to try it on a day like this when a wild result would be ok.


Trick or Treat
Autumn Fairy, Astronaut, and Monkey
Grandma B helped M.G. transform her flower girl dress into a fairy costume.  In Sept. M.G. and I had gone through all her fairy related books to find ideas for the costume.  She showed Grandma her favorites and they tried to pull out the important elements.  She liked the idea of a white dress with red and orange accents.  They found the wings on-line and Grandma made a wreath of fake leaves and acorns.  M.G. was very happy with how it all turned out.

M2 wore Uncle Dave's old astronaut costume and no matter how many ideas we threw out M3 wanted to be a monkey again this year.  A friend of ours had a baby last October and passed along a cute tiger suit for Matthew.

Matthew and I stayed home to hand out candy while Papa took everyone else around the neighborhood.  It was a nice night to be out without needing warm gear.  M3 was old enough this year to really get into it too!

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