Monday, November 05, 2012

M4 - 1 Month

Matthew is a month old now!  His biggest recent change is that he really focuses on us now and gives us little smiles when he sees us.  Looking into our eyes, instead of just in our general direction, makes it seem like he's starting to be more with it.

We think his breathing has slowed down, although he still sounds stuffy a lot of the time.  He has had at least one cold, thanks to his siblings, but even when he seems healthy he is a loud breather.

He continues to eat well and we can tell he is gaining weight.  I think a lot of it has gone to his cheeks!  He has been a pretty easy going baby, but still is quick to scream when he is hungry.  I think he is a little dictator pig when he is anxious to eat.  He snorts, waves his little fist in the air as fast as he can, and turns bright red.

I notice his growth spurt days more than I remember them with the others.  Every so often he has a day or two where he seems to eat all the time.  But, that is his job and the rest of the time he eats and sleeps like I'd expect. 

We still have some adjustment bumps with the kids.  M3 is really clingy and the older two still seem like they are getting used to another person in the house.

But they all adore M4 at the same time.  M2 and M3 like to keep him company during any post-diaper change naked time.  I think they are both waiting until he is older and can play with them.

M.G. is enjoying this baby stage.  She is good at holding Matthew and likes to talk and read to him.  He is just getting to the point where he enjoys listening to her and smiling at her.

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