Friday, November 02, 2012

Matthew's baptism

We celebrated Matthew's baptism on Sunday with all of the Grandparents and his Godparents, Chris and Jenny.

We decided to get him his own little suit instead of using the gown again.  It seemed too feminine and not warm enough, for some reason, this time.  This little kimono top had matching pants and was a soft, cozy cotton.  Chris gave him a medal to wear during the ceremony.

The white blanket was given to Joe at his baptism by our parish in NY and we held Matthew in it during the ceremony.

It was difficult to find an date for all of us that also worked with the church.  Even still it was kind of hectic, five other babies were baptized during the same service.  All of the parents and babies are invited down during mass for the introductory portion of the ceremony.  The baptism ceremony is completed after mass.  Having the extra babies didn't make the ceremony much longer and I enjoyed seeing them all baptized, but 6 families worth of guests made it kind of a circus.
Matthew is getting a blessing with oil.  He was hungry and hot, which caused him to scream for a lot of the ceremony. 

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