Friday, November 30, 2012

Photos from Tuesday and Wednesday

The bike store downtown had all of its used bikes 50% off and Papa found 3 really great deals.  M.G. and M2 each got a bigger bike and moved up to bikes with hand brakes and gears!  They were very, very excited to get to go to the bike shop and help pick out their new bikes and are very proud to be ready for gears.  Papa also found a tiny 12" bike for M3 to use after she has figured out the balance bike this summer.  It was really, really cheap and he couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday was also M2's preschool open house.  His small group of 4 spent the semester learning about the solar system.  They created models of the planets.  Some were made with paper mache and others from styrofoam or paper.  They also looked up facts on the internet and wrote the name of each planet on an index card along with a fact.  He was excited to show us his work!  

His parent/teacher conference was Wed. morning and we enjoyed learning a little about how his semester went.  His teacher said he is a joy to be around and always so polite and willing to help out.  And that he was a positive part of small group, always ready to share ideas and participate.  Over the semester he gained confidence in playing with other kids.

M4 was 8 weeks old on Tuesday night and we took a few photos when he was smiling at us on Wednesday morning.

Grandma and Grandpa B sent him his Christmas present early so that he'd get lots of use out of it - a monkey bouncy chair!  He loves to look at the toy bar and, unlike our super old bouncy chair, this one bounces when he wiggles and that makes him smile.

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