Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend 2012

We were all looking forward to our trip to MN for Thanksgiving weekend this year.  It would be M4's first trip outside of SD and nobody had school on Wednesday so it was an extra long weekend.  We loaded up the van after school on Tuesday and set off.  M2 had been waiting for our first van road trip!

We had a festive fast food supper - the kids were full of excitement and also really well behaved.  M4 needed one extra stop to eat, but for the most part he did ok.  Our essential Flogging Molly CD was moved to the van (which has a disk memory, so now we have our Drunken Lullabies at the touch of a button.)  It's the first time it's been out of the Neon since M.G. was born, I think.  M4 had a couple fussy patches and the CD worked each time like a charm.  It was amazing.  It didn't work as well on later in the weekend, so it might not be as magical as it was with M.G., but sometimes is better than never!

M4 got to check out his Grandparents' houses.  He was a pretty happy guy all weekend, so I think he gave them a thumbs up.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Grandma M's sister's house and later with Grandpa B's side of the family.  The kids on Papa's side are starting to pay more attention to each other. 

The kids were so very excited to tell Great-grandma all about baby Matthew.  They had mentioned a few times in the days leading up to the trip that they hoped he would enjoy meeting Great-grandma.  They are proud older siblings for sure.
We came home Saturday night, but not before spending a lot of time playing and relaxing with the Grandparents.  Papa and I fit in a little shopping without dragging the big kids out.  Friday morning we had a playdate with Jenny, Tyler, and his baby sister Kayla.  We had supper with Grandma B's sister's family and watched the Hollidazzle parade on TV together.  (Several years we've walked over to the parade with them, but it was too cold this year!)

On Saturday we checked out the Minnesota History Center.  They have several interesting exhibits and I can see us going back to check it out again.  The kids all enjoyed themselves and we learned that M3 gets really excited about setting off pretend dynamite (which isn't really a surprise.)

It was the kick-off weekend for a new exhibit and the center was celebrating with activities.  M3 was very excited to see Paul Bunyan and Babe.  (Or "Bay duh Bu Hox", as she says...) 

The kids made bobble-heads of themselves.

M3 with her "bobbyhead"
Folk singer Charlie Parr was giving a performance too.  M4 slept through most of the museum but seemed unusually excited by the folk music.  He was smiling, kicking, and squirming.  

I had been worried about how we'd do as a family of 6 with all the events and travel, but it went very well and now I'm looking forward to a longer trip at Christmas! 


Monkey Papa said...

M3 sure knows how to pose!

David said...

the two bobblehead photos are two of the greatest photos of all time!!!!