Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Wow today is an exciting day."

That is what M2 said after lunch when we talked about how our day was going.  He had gymnastics this morning and then he and the younger two came along with me to vote.  They did such a good job waiting that we stopped for scones from a coffee shop on our way home.

All of that was exciting for him.  He enjoyed seeing where voting happens and it was only about a 15 minute wait for us.  The line looked long when we arrived, but he had lots of comments like, "Well we might as well stay since we are here!"

He had school today and he knew that Molly, our babysitter, was coming to play while Papa and I went to M.G.'s school conference.  We've had Molly come over a few times now and it is great for everyone.  She is a good friend of one of my cousins and also happened to be one of M.G.'s tennis coaches this summer.  The kids really enjoy seeing her and so it is a treat when she is here.

M.G.'s conference went really well.  Her teacher had a lot of nice things to say.  M.G. has all the skills she needs at this point and is happy to participate in the classroom.  In a recent reading level test she tested at a 6th grade reading level.  I'm very happy with her teacher this year - she seems like a good fit for M.G.'s personality.

Tonight after supper M.G. and M2 decided to hold an election for house assistant.   They wrote up ballots and we asked them what they'd each do in that job.  (M.G. would do the laundry and M2 would wash the dishes.)  Then we all voted.  M3 filled in the bubble for both of them, so her ballot was invalid and we ended up with a tie.

After M2 and M3 were in bed we watched some of the election returns with M.G.  She had gone with Papa when he voted before school this morning.  Tonight she had a lot of questions about how the process worked and was interested in figuring out the differences between "all the votes" and the electoral votes.  She's so quick and was fascinated by the various percentages and vote totals we were seeing.  In between discussing this election she was peppering us with facts she knows about past presidents.  At one point she was guessing the electoral votes of various states and watching to see them on the TV report (or we'd tell her the number for that state if we knew it.) 

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