Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent 2012

Advent chain
 We've been trying to soak up the season and add a little extra peace and excitement to our routine.  The days and weeks fly by between school and other activities, but we've tried to foster a few traditions along the way.

M2 finished preschool for the semester on the 4th.  He misses it already and seems to have stopped napping, so that is an adjustment to our day as well.

M.G.'s activities are wrapping up for the semester.  Last week was parents' night at dance and tomorrow is her church Christmas program.  She was going to play piano at the Festival of Trees on Sunday, but it was canceled due to the snow.  

We picked out a tree and decorated it the first week in December.  The decorating goes pretty fast with 3 kids helping!  Again we walked it home from the grocery store.  Well, Papa and the older two walked it home! 

 St. Nicholas visited on the 6th.  M.G. and M2 were up first that morning and were excited to find candy.  M3 came out later and and was flabbergasted.  I guess we didn't explain why she was putting her shoe out the night before.  "Why St Nicholas put *candy* in my *shoe*?"  She found it to be super funny and asked again several times during the day.

That evening was the holiday parade of lights downtown.  I love going to this event each year and was happy it was warm enough for M4.  This year we saw all of our favorites, like the decorated bus and holiday train, and there were real camels! 

That evening Grandma and Grandpa B arrived, with Grandma and Grandpa M coming the next day, for M2's birthday weekend.  We had a fun, but short, visit.  Everyone left on Saturday to beat the snow.  Sunday we had a snowy day at home with a lot of playing outside and a picnic while watching the movie Elf.

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