Monday, December 10, 2012

M4 - 2 months!

M4 was 2 months old on the 2nd of December.  He went in for a check-up on the 4th and is a healthy little guy.  He gave the doctor big smiles during the exam, but screamed in anger after the vaccines. (He had Pediarix (DTaP, HepB, IPV) and Hib.)  He's meeting all of the milestones and his breathing has slowed down to a normal rate.

We knew he'd gained a lot of weight since birth.  His cheeks filled out, he grew a few more chins, and his little legs have gotten nice and plump.  He weighed in at 15 lbs, 1 ounce - 6 lbs higher than his birth weight!  He is now 23.25 inches, up from 20 inches at birth.  He weighs more than M.G. or M3 did at 2 months and is just a few ounces less than M2 was, even starting almost 2 lbs less at birth!
He's a big baby, but still looks tiny next to M.G. and M2!
He has gotten stronger this month, but still doesn't like tummy time.  He smiles and coos more and has started grabbing at the toys on his bouncy chair.  He loves looking at the other kids, especially M.G.  Last night she was talking with him and he could hardly contain himself.  He looked like he was trying so hard to talk back to her and after a lot of arm and leg shaking he would let out a tiny squeal in response.  She gets big smiles from him and what sounds almost like a laugh, but not quite yet.

He is kind of a restless baby, usually moving and making noises in his sleep.  He's been breaking out of his swaddle a lot now.  He still seems to be on a cycle where he'll eat all the time for a day or two, sleep a lot for a day, and then be more balanced for a few days. 

Life is starting to feel more normal again around here.  Sometimes I think we're just getting used to the chaotic feeling of juggling the needs of everyone, but other times it is peaceful, fun, or exciting.

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