Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas blog land!

We're having fun celebrating with family and friends.  I'll have photos and other stories soon, but wanted to record a M.G. moment from earlier in the week.

We were playing Catch Phrase with my parents on the morning of the 23rd.  M.G. really likes this game and has gotten better at giving clues quickly.  (It's a game where you try to get your team to guess a word and then pass the game to the opposite team so that they can guess a word.  The team holding the game when the random timer goes off doesn't get a point.)

She gave the clue, "An idiom for easy!"  (She just got done with an idiom unit in class.)

Grandma B and I were on her team and we both know what an idiom is, but were just shouting out ideas.  Grandma yelled out something like "simple" and M.G. shouted, "I said idiom, idiom!"  The timer buzzed and she said, with disgust, "Idiom for easy is 'a piece of cake!'"

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