Monday, December 17, 2012

The next installment of Lunchtime with Joe

Today I thought to try tuna melts for lunch.  M.G. doesn't like them and she and Papa both prefer tuna egg salad if we are going to have tuna.  I forget that M2 and M3 might have different ideas.  They were both enthusiastic to try something new and seemed to like it.  It's nice and rare to introduce something I like and have it go over well.

M2 was eating his sandwich and asked if tuna was meat.  I said some people consider it meat and others don't.  They think fish and things like beef and pork are different from each other.  (I was thinking about how some people who don't eat "meat" still eat fish and how Catholics can eat fish on Fridays in Lent, but not land animal meat.)

M2: "Is it meat or not?"

I tried to explain my thoughts. 

Finally he said, "Well, what do fish have under their skin?  What moves them around in the water?"

Me: "Muscles?"

Him: "Like cows?" (with a "can't you see where this is going yet? tone of voice.)

I ended up just saying, "Ok, fine, you are right.  Fish are meat."  This might make more work when Lent rolls around or it might mean we stick to beans and rice for a few Fridays.  

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Monkey Papa said...

He's got some skills at debate!

Best explanation I've seen is that the Latin word used isn't exactly "meat." It's carnis, which means the flesh of mammals and birds. It does not include the flesh of fish (or, for that matter, of reptiles, amphibians, or insects).