Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finishing up January

A month into 2013 and I am starting to feel like we're back to a normal routine.  We've found homes for all the Christmas gifts and reorganized a lot.  Two new bookshelves and lots of bins have made a big difference!  (Finding that the vacuum was extremely clogged also made a big difference!)

M.G. had her friends' birthday party last weekend and it was just the reason I needed to really get the house cleaned up.  It's great to see some of these photos and realize I don't need to crop all of the clutter out of the background!

M.G. went with a Hawaiian theme for her party.  She invited 5 girls - 3 from her class this year and 2 from her classroom last year.  We gave the girls "grass" skirts and sun glasses as favors.  The girls worked on making leis from cardstock flowers and cut-up straws. They also tried making small tissue paper flowers to wear.

They danced to the limbo and some other party dances, played pin the tail on the dolphin, and they guessed the number of Skittles in a jar. After cupcakes and ice cream we had a pull apart pinata!  Papa and I were aiming for a pineapple pinata, but M.G. thought it looked more like a palm tree.  (I love reading about all the birthday party ideas at Ikatbag and that is where we got the pinata directions.)

The kids don't have school today due to extreme cold and we're enjoying the sunshine and lots of play time together!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few weeks...

I'm sure it was something important...

Catie has been letting me style her hair lately!
The kids have been wanting to play together a lot lately.  Saturday mornings they often find something fun to do on their own.  This was taken before M.G. went to school one day.
16 weeks

M.G. is getting better and better at reading M4's cues. He loves to play with her!

M2 went back to preschool last week.  He got over the flu just in time - he was feeling better, but still tired from being sick.

M4 grew out of his baby hat that was so adorable on him.  Now he's big enough for this one!

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