Friday, January 18, 2013

I so proud of you Mama!

M3 continues to do well with the potty.  We had a couple days with 100% accidents and a couple days where we just happened to get in on time occasionally.  She goes so infrequently that it's only 1-3 accidents a day, really.

Saturday I woke up feeling a little frustrated and thinking I needed a new approach because she was just showing no signs of understanding.  But, Saturday morning she stopped playing to let me know she needed to get into the bathroom!  She's made it in time probably 2/3 of the time since then.  It's pretty neat to see that something clicked.  It's still kind of a "drop everything and run" situation, but her progress has been great so far!

M2 has taken to sitting with the remote if they watch a show so that she knows he'll pause it if needed.  And he quickly does if she needs him to.  During snack yesterday she needed to go and the older two were cheering her on as she ran to the bathroom.  She doesn't ever really want to try to go if it isn't urgent and a couple times, as we get ready to go somewhere, I've heard M2 say, "Don't you think you want to try so that you can be comfortable in the car?"  And then she will give it a shot.

We've been giving her lots of positive feedback and so I laughed a couple days ago when she met me in the hallway as I was leaving the bathroom.  She gave me a big hug and said, "I so proud of you Mama!  Good job on the potty!"

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