Tuesday, January 08, 2013

January '13

We're back into the swing of our regular schedule, whether or not I'm ready for it.  I guess I expected things to slow down after the holiday rush, but we were busy before all of that started too.  It's probably good to jump back into all of the activities.

M.G. is happy to be back to school and had fun at dance last night.  M2 doesn't go back for at least another week or two (they don't publish the date for some reason, frustrating!) and he's getting a little stir crazy around here.  He's keeping me on my toes.

We're staying close to home to help M3 get used to the potty.  She's also been kind of a wild thing since we got home.  It's tough to be inside so much.  M4 is finally getting back to sleeping well at night.  He was so stuffy for a few days that Papa and I were taking shifts in the rocking chair with him at night, but last night he slept for long stretches in his bed and just woke to nurse and went right back to sleep.  Hopefully he'll pick his naps up again soon, I think he's slowing starting to sleep longer in bed during the day again.

Christmas photos are coming!  Here are a couple shots from yesterday.  M4 is starting to enjoy tummy time and just started really holding his head up high.  Everyone was excited to encourage him! 

It's M4's turn for the froggy shirt!

We all think he looks a little like M2 or a little like M3 depending on the day.  Something reminds me of a mini-M.G. too, but side by side they all look so different in these photos!

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