Thursday, January 03, 2013

M4 - 3 months!

 M4 is now 3 months old and we've seen a big change in the last 4 weeks.  He really pays attention to us, follows with his eyes, and responds.

He can hold his body a little more now and just needs help balancing when sitting on our laps.  Sometimes his attitude makes it seem like he is itching to jump down and run around.  He holds toys in his hand, but doesn't do much more than that with them.

Using our bathroom scale this morning it looks like he is about 17.5 lbs, more than 2 lbs more than at his 2 month check-up.

He has a stuffy nose right now and I think that is what causes him to chew on his fingers a lot.  He chews on his thumb and wraps a finger over his nose sometimes too.

Chew, chew, chew!
 Before our trip he had fallen into a good routine of taking a couple longer naps during the day and a couple short cat naps.  He has a cold, which doesn't help, but hopefully he'll get back to that soon instead of drifting off and waking up as soon as I set him down.

He can look so serious and even a little melancholy.

 He loves diaper changes and nearly laughs sometimes when we're cleaning him up.  He usually has big smiles for Papa and M.G.  He gets the hiccups every time he gets too excited, which happened so many times over our Christmas vacation.  He'd get so happy to talk to a grandparent or other relative. 

The kids were big helpers on vacation, trying to help him be happy in the van and including him in what we were doing. 

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