Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Matthew's first Christmas!

All the photos I loved of Matthew enjoying his 1st Christmas were taking over my collection of other holiday photos I wanted to share, so he gets his own post!

Deep conversation with a snowman.

He did well with all the upheaval of a week and a half of vacation.  He is young enough to cat nap here and there and not get too fussy.  He really seemed to get used to sleeping on people during the day instead of in bed.  He had a few rough nights I think, but it all blends together in my memory - I know he had some good nights too. 

He can look like such a grumpy Gus some times, even when he isn't upset. (And he drools SO much!)

But I hope my lasting memory of his first Christmas is how much he laughed and laughed at everyone.  (And then got the hiccups, every time.)
                                                                   Talking with Nissa, Dave, and Oscar                                                                                      (I don't have any photos of Oscar and Catie, but she loved that dog so much and they looked so cute together!)
Catching up with my extended family!

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