Monday, January 07, 2013

Working hard

I'm taking an online calculus class as review in order to be more comfortable tutoring calculus based physics.  It starts today and I was working on the diagnostics exam when M2 came out from his quiet time.  (He rarely naps now, but he does rest for 20 minutes or so and then reads in bed for 30 minutes.)  He decided to also work and got out a dot-to-dot book.

He finished up his book before I finished my exam and then rambled on for a bit:
"Wow, I got my work done faster.  Why aren't you done?  I guess dot-to-dot is easier than your work."

After a pause...
"Well, it isn't that easy.  First you have to find the 1.  Then you have to find each number and draw a line between them.  And you have to be neat."

M3 has been wearing undies during the day, except during nap time.  Friday and Saturday she didn't really give us any indication she was treating them differently than diapers.  Yesterday and today she at least has been shouting, "Oh no!" as she had accidents. 

She only goes to the bathroom once in the morning and once in the afternoon, so it is difficult to catch her at the right time.  But, today we spent a lot of time near the potty after 10AM and eventually, around 11 AM, she went.  Some managed to get into the potty, so we're calling it a success.

We don't have too much going on this week, so hopefully she'll start to get the idea in the next few days!

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