Monday, February 11, 2013

February is here!

February is here!  The month where the kids are finally over the holiday crazies and will play independently for a while. The month where the morning sun brightly lights up the house in a diffuse way that is different from the rest of the year.  I end up taking lots of pictures.  It's too cold to play outside with the baby, so we turn on our Irish rock music and dance around.  We bake and play and I feel that nursing the baby in the sunshine is a good accomplishment for a morning.

Last Wednesday, when most of these photos were taken, M2 and M3 built with blocks and worked on puzzles together - without me needing to suggest either.  They watched a couple shows, had snack, and helped me with the laundry.  Right before lunch they needed to go on a trip.

He helped her pack up her backpack, they got their bouncy animals, and climbed up on the couch.  I was making lunch as I listened to them decide their itinerary (California to see Dave and Nissa, Minnesota to see all the grandparents and great-grandparents, New York to see the Statue of Liberty, and then China for some lunch.)

After one stop I heard M2 shout, "Quick, back on the boat, the tide is coming in."

M3, who sometimes seems to forget the line between real and pretend, screamed and then couldn't get on the couch because she was scrambling too much and in a panic.

M2 came to her rescue while saying, "It's ok, that just means the water is getting close to our boat.  It isn't dangerous."

She said, "Ok, Joe.  Let's go!"

Each morning last week I felt bad that M.G. didn't get to relax and play in the sunny Feb. living room, but she has a snow day today!  I really like having her home for extra bits here and there.  I'm a little nervous now about how the summer will go with all 4 around, hopefully being able to get outside will make things easier.


Friday was M3's first dental check-up.  She's been afraid of the dentist, but M2 said something to her last week that got her excited about going.  Thankfully, there is a really great hygienist that works with the kids that need her most.  She came out to the lobby and started talking with M3, getting her comfortable enough to help walk M2 back to the chair.  The hygienist asked M3 to stay back and be a helper for M2's cleaning.  M3 was scared when the dentist came in to look at M2's teeth, but the hygienist picked her up and encouraged her to help by counting M2's teeth.

Then M2 stuck around to be the helper for M3's cleaning.  He did a great job being the brave big brother and M3 was fine with the dentist checking her teeth when the time came.   They were both so excited by the end that they were in no rush to leave! 

Quote of the weekend:

M3: "Papa, look at the delicious hokey pokey we made for supper!"  (We made some homemade gnocchi. )

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The hokey pokey was delicious!