Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Helping the big guys

Grandma and Grandpa M came to visit over our 3 day weekend.  The kids were very excited!  November and December are so busy with events and parties, it was really fun to have weekend visitors and no plans. 

Grandpa helped the kids build a new snowman.  That snowman from the first weekend in December was still holding on in the yard, although I'm not sure he should have still been considered a snowman - the warmer days had taken a toll on him.  I gave M2 the job of "taking care" of the first snowman and happily they were able to build something bigger and better.  (The pile of dirty snow in the corner is what is now left from Snowman #1.)

M3 had been dreading that her snowman would melt, but smashing him wasn't a problem! 

I took their photo from inside.  M2 hid behind the snowman until they could get Grandpa into the photo too!

Later in the day, M2 and Grandpa helped Papa hang curtains in the living room.  He wants to figure it all out and tries to help where he can. 

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