Thursday, February 14, 2013

M4 - 4 month well-child

M2, M3, and I took M4 in for his 4 month check-up this morning.  He is a healthy baby!

He's 4 and a half months now and weighed 19 lbs, 6 oz (98th%). He's 25.5" (64th%) and his head is 17.25".  Looking back, he's the heaviest and shortest of the 4 at 4 months.  (But the doctor is not concerned about M4's size.)

He had another dose of the Pediarix (DTaP, HepB, and IPV) and Hib.  He was really interested in looking at the doctor during his exam and was giving the nurse big smiles right before he got his shots - then he gave his hurt pouty look and started crying.  He stopped as soon as I picked him up though. We don't have any concerns other than that his cradle cap is still pretty ugly looking.  The doctor said to continue using oil and a soft brush before each bath.  The doctor discussed solid foods and safety once M4 is mobile - I feel like M4 is rushing through each baby stage!
 M2 and M3 decided to be doctors once we got home.  They checked out a lot of stuffed animals and me.

M4 got a check-up when he woke up from his snooze.  Catie was examining him and Joe was taking notes.  She pretended to listen to Matthew's heart and breathing, then looked in his nose.

She took Matthew's temp and said, "45!"

Joe said, "There is no 45, do you mean 98?"


Then she gave him his vaccinations - one in each armpit.  I said, "Hey, did you go to medical school to be a doctor?"

"What?  No, I go to preschool to be a doctor!"

M2 had "crazy hair" day at school on Tuesday.  Catie kept saying he looked like a "peacock," but the way she pronounced it was "peahock."
Snow day painting


Monkey Papa said...

It's pretty awesome to listen to her try to say "peahock!"

David said...

I say this after probably every other photo of the kids that I see, but the pic of Joe with spiky hair is one of the best photos I've ever seen!