Monday, February 04, 2013

M4 - 4 months!

Mr. Matthew is 4 months old now. (Can a nickname be longer than your given name?)  He's changed a lot this month.  He interacts with the world - smiles more, laughs more, and "talks" more.  He'll grab toys, look at them, shake them, intentionally chew on them.  He likes to communicate with people and will squawk really shrilly at strangers if they do not talk to him. 

He's getting stronger.  He'll try holding his head up during tummy time for longer intervals, especially if he is on the floor watching the older kids play.  If I put him on his tummy on my bed he'll try to inch worm across it.  He puts his arms down by his sides and pushes with his legs while pushing his face down into the bed to get traction.  He can go pretty far, but his cheeks get sore, so I try to keep him in one place for now.

He enjoys baths now, compared to a month ago.  He also really laughs when I'm changing his clothes.  His scalp is dry and at times he tries to rub his head on us in order to itch.  He still likes to chew on fingers and is just starting to try chewing on toys.  

I love the previous photo because he makes that open mouth face when he's really excited. (He is a drool machine, all the time.) He was getting the giggles there.  But, in reviewing the photos, M.G. thought I better go with this next one because he looks more happy.  She said, "I know that is his happy face, but other people might think he is upset."

He doesn't go in for a well-baby visit for another 2 weeks, but on our bathroom scale he weighed in at 20 lbs on the 2nd.  He was dressed and that scale isn't very reliable, so I'm curious to see what he'll weigh on the doctor's scale.  If it is accurate, he's quite a bit bigger than the other three were at this age (They ranged from 16 to 17.5 lbs at 4 months.)

He, well, Papa and I really, had a rough month when it comes to sleep.  He had either a cold or a mild case of the flu for a week and his nose was pretty stuffy the rest of the time.  The doctor mentioned that some babies just have small sinus cavities and will be bothered with stuffy noses more often.  It led to a lot of nights where we took turns in the recliner because he just wouldn't settle in his crib.  He's healthy now though and so hopefully we'll have an easier stretch.

M4 is just a joy. While we're all excited to see how he'll change over the year, I also want to slow down the days so that I can snuggle him just a little extra.

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