Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Milestones big and small...

M.G. and her fellow Catholic 2nd graders had first reconciliation on Sunday.  Our parish had a special communal reconciliation service for the 2nd grade religious education class and their families with some prayers, a reading, and a song before we all went and had individual confession.  She'll have first communion in April and so they make sure the kids understand reconciliation first.

She's in the youth choir and a couple months ago the director called and asked me if I thought M.G. would like a small solo part in the song they were going to sing at the service.  (Would she?  Of course!)  She and two other 2nd graders each sung a verse - basically a very short sentence each.

I'd been getting a little nervous for Sunday - a solo, private confession all on her own?  How could she be old enough for either!  She seemed excited, but not particularly nervous. 

She handled both gracefully.  She sang her line very clearly and she just sounded beautiful.  She was confident about confession too and handled it well.

Today M2 sat down and read me a short book.  He stumbled over some of the words, but he got through it.  I don't remember the laborious sounding out word stage for M.G. She seemed to just start reading one day.  But it is really fun to see him put the word sounds together slowly before getting through the whole line.  And even more fun was that he was excited to read to me and happy to be working on it!

M3 is at the potty training stage where getting into the bathroom isn't always her top priority.  M.G. and M2 went through this too, so at least I know it will pass, but a less fun milestone for sure.

M4 found his feet yesterday.  Sounds funny, but last week he paid no notice to them and now he grabs at the, pulls on them, and looks at us like, "Have you seen these things before?"

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