Friday, March 08, 2013

Big girl beds

Way back in September Papa built a loft bed for M.G.  We had looked at several lofts and bunk beds in stores and online.  We also found quite a few patterns to make your own.

Papa used a lot of the ideas from Ana White's website, specifically the Playhouse Loft bed and the Camp Loft bed.

He purchased a pocket jig to make strong joins and so that the screws wouldn't be visible.
Cowboy Joe handing out the screws.

At first M3 was still in her crib, right next to the loft.  M.G. spent a couple weeks going back and forth between the two twin beds.  She was excited for the loft, but it was pretty tall!  Eventually she started sleeping up on top every night.  That was just before Thanksgiving and M3 never showed any sign of trying to climb out of her crib, so we left it alone until after Christmas.  It was pretty exciting when Grandma B came to visit for a few days and slept in with the girls.

Grandma also made curtains to turn the lower bed into a tent sometimes.

M3 moved into her new bed when we came back after Christmas.  She really likes her big girl bed and we haven't had any trouble keeping her in it at night.  I was very surprised that we didn't have to go through the mess of trying to get her back into bed over and over.  We moved the crib into our room and M4 uses it now.

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