Tuesday, March 05, 2013

M4: 5 months!

Matthew is 5 months old!  He's found his feet and can roll from tummy to back. 

It seems like we can see a tooth under his gum and he continues to drool a lot and chew on everything.

His cheeks have filled out even more and he looks like a sphere of a baby.

Watching the kiddos play is one of his favorite things.  He'll tolerate tummy time if he can see them.  He's also been playing a little more with his baby toys.

He has new hair that is growing dense and fluffy.  You can see it in this photo - a really light fuzz above his head.

His nose continues to be stuffy a lot and when he has a cold he scratches his nose and face because his nose bothers him, so he looks like kind of a tough guy right now.

He can hold himself in a sitting position for a few seconds at a time on his own or for quite a while if we give him a little help balancing.  Here my legs are propping him up a little.

He's a happy, easy going little guy - except for when we want him to sleep!

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