Sunday, April 07, 2013

M4 - 6 months!

Mr. Matthew is now 6 months old!  He sits very strongly now and has been trying to lift up during tummy time.  He had his whole torso up and was scooting backward recently.  He'll also try lifting up with his arms and then pushing with one leg, but it usually flips him onto his back.  He can cover distance if he flops forward from sitting and then rolls to his back, but after that he is pretty much stuck.

He's gotten very good at grabbing things (toys, noses) and plays more than he used to.  He likes to chew on his new teething toys.  This orange ball has been perfect with nubs to hold and chew. I wish the other kids had gotten one!

Still no teeth, but lots of chewing and drool!

He goes in to the doctor at the end of the week, so we'll see how big he's gotten.  I think he's stretched out a little more this month, but he's still a round little guy!

 I attend a bible study at our church about once a week.  The older kids play in the nursery with other kids and a couple babysitters.  M4 hangs out with me.  A few weeks ago I was standing in the back, bouncing him to sleep.  We paused by the picture of the then current Pope, Benedict, and M4 started full out laughing.  Once home, I pulled up a couple photos on my computer and he again started laughing.  Later I showed Papa and even a few days ago we tried again.  He gets a big grin on his face and tries to talk to the pictures! 
He's been "talking" more often in general and will squeal with happiness.  His cheeks are a little ticklish, so if I give him lots of kisses he'll giggle.  Then he grabs at my face and pushes his mouth on my cheek - little baby kisses.  He reaches out to us now and when we were in MN he was giving little mini-hugs sometimes.

He's tried sweet potato, as his first food, and then peas a few days later.  Instead of purees, we're giving him soft bits of food and letting him explore.  A benefit is that we don't need make special time to feed him, he eats on his own while we're eating.  We also don't need to spend time blending up the food. Clean up seems a bit more involved though!  I'm sure we'll try spoon feeding at some point, but we've been slowly going more in this direction with each child.  (Some people call this method "baby lead weaning".) Right now he's just eating at supper time, but as he tries more things we'll offer foods at breakfast and lunch. The doctor advised against rice cereal due to concerns about arsenic levels.  The older two had some tummy issues with oatmeal at this age, but maybe we'll try the store bought baby version or just wait a few months.

The top three photos here were the first taste of sweet potato, "What's this?  A finger to chew! Wait, yuck!"  After that he explored a while and did eat some on his own in the end.  I think in terms of getting food into the tummy that he's gotten more than when we spoon fed purees as a start.

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saroy said...

Interesting -- our pedi also recommended we skip rice cereal due to arsenic concerns. But others in the same practice don't say the same thing. Emma hasn't had rice cereal yet but I was considering starting it since I feel like maybe she needs some sort of grain other than oatmeal (which she loves).

I like the idea of baby led weaning even though we're doing purees. Maybe I'll start to work some non-pureed stuff in.